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Chocolate delights…

Rémi Henry – Master chocolatier – France
During the blind tasting during the “Salon du Chocolat” in Paris in October 2016 the master chocolatier choose two of the bonbons I presented (guanaba and maracuya) as his favorites. 

Taste created by love, passion and dedication”

It is rare to find someone who does not like the chocolate. For some people it’s enough to try a little bit or to eat it from time to time, while others devour it with passion and they cannot resist a cupboard full of cakes and bonbons.
We provide a unique culinary experience to all chocolate lovers.

Hada’s Chocolates is the fruit of a dream to honor my mother and the land where I grew up. To offer delicious handmade chocolates, created with Venezuelan cocoa (according to experts the best chocolate in the world). 

Fine Chocolates of fine aroma and flavor of 100% Venezuelan origin

From there comes my desire to share my culture, to make known the unique flavor of the 100% natural cacao that is grown in my country. So that my customers can enjoy  these authentic tastes with my products. In which I put all my love, care and passion when creating my chocolates. 
I realized this dream with Hada’s Chocolates. The raw material comes directly comes from Venezuela and the way of elaboration comes from the legacy of a chocolate tradition.