Atomic Order Restoration Codes Kit

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Connect with your inner awakening and manifestation of the divine presence through quantum therapy with chocolates and light codes.

Joining wisdom, light and the chocolates

With Angels Membrive we created the new therapeutic kit based on the “Pleiadian Activation Codes” which consists of 6 restorative codes that help us to clean, balance and transmute memories of pain producing great calm and peace in the soul.

We have added two very repowering codes that complement the entire cleaning and energy activation process.

We integrate all this wisdom into each chocolate bar allowing the inner awakening and manifestation of the divine presence.

Atomic Order Restoration Codes

The ship of Levógira
The ship of Levógira

Its the first atomic order restoration code, that acts as a scavenger of dark energy and implants. It prepares our energy field for the use of the codes that follow.

Molecular activation button

Performs a molecular ordering and activates our pineal gland.

Cosmic Portal
Quantum light activator

It prepares our field of light for the opening of the portal, for the healing and restoration of all our cells, preparing our body for the activation of light and the connection with our star family.

The ship of Levógira
Wisdom and discernment

Activating the connecting antenna offers us wisdom and insight.

Its light fluctuates between the crystal plasma, giving us peace and mental clarity.

Healing of the cells

Heal and restore all of our cells, by integrating this code, we prepare our body and give birth to our cells.

Cosmic Portal
11.11 Cosmic Portal

This code is the most powerful. This atomic modulation produces a dimensional opening and release of information.

The Cosmic Portal is a connection key between the earthly world and the Pleiadean dimensions.

Repowering Codes

Flower of Universal Life

This code invites us to go out into nature, gives us peace and well-being.

All our physical and ethereal bodies will prepare us by wrapping us in a cell membrane. In this way they are preparing us for these changes.

Metatronic Geometry Matrix

The integration of all the codes and activates the quantum fluctuations of the vacuum of the space-time structure itself.

How to use your therapy kit

We recommend you start with “The ship of Levógira” code, consume the piece you need.

The next seven days you can consume it in suggested order or the one that resonates with you the most until all the codes are completed.

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