Emotions in Children Kit

Kit of chocolates to manage emotions for children

We created a kit that, through chocolate, enables children, parents and their caregivers to learn about the importance of recognizing and managing emotions.

Kit of chocolates to manage emotions for children

Emotional Management, a pillar to grow happy

Emotions are the expression of an automatic reaction that cause us to act. The main emotions that human beings feel are happiness, anger, sadness, fear and disgust.

There are no good or bad emotions, they are only energy. Not knowing how to express and manage them, leads us to maintain stagnant energy that can trigger major problems.

From a young age you can learn to manage your emotional state. It is there where parents and caregivers can guide children in identifying, managing and controlling emotions. Facilitating the development of being, social adaptation, and the most valuable thing a happy childhood and adulthood.

Know the Main Emotions

character emotion joy Hadas chocolates

It is expressed by the enjoyment of achieving something or feelings of pleasure. And the best way to accompany our children to manage joy, is to encourage them to express it with their laughs, games and jumps.

Saving memories of moments of joy with photos and letters will help them recall this joy and help them change their mood in times they feel sad.

character emotion rage Hadas chocolates

It occurs when someone does not treat us well or when things do not go the way we want.

In the little ones, it is important to accompany them when they are angry. So that they know the real reason for their anger, can express how they feel and what they need. But without yelling or insulting and helping them find a solution.

character emotion sadness Hadas chocolates

This comes in those moments when something has disappointed us or we faced a loss. And many times we feel like crying.

When children feel this emotion it is important to accompany them. So that they can express what hurt them and that they should not be afraid to do so. Also make them see the good things that surround them, what they could learn from their sadness so that they can begin to be cheerful again.

character emotion fear hadas chocolates

We feel fear when we are in danger.

You can guide the little ones by letting them to draw or tell you their fears. So that they accept them and feel brave enough to express them. So that you can accompany them and help them overcome their fears.


It is presented with dislike for something or someone. It makes us walk away and provokes an immediate rejection.

You can manage their disgust by explaining them that there are things that are new and unknown, and that sometimes these cause us rejection or disgust

In each kit you will find:

4 chocolate bars of each of the emotions, 30gr. each.

Bottle with Bach Flowers

Bottle with essential oils

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