Ada Romero links Chocolate and Spirituality

Several years ago I worked in the banking and finance area. Career that I chose to develop professionally in the labor field. In 2014 I undertook a change in my life when I decided to take a trip to my native country, Venezuela, I visited several cocoa plantations, to experience the process involved in transforming cocoa beans into chocolate.

See, feel and hear all the majesty of the plantations from walking through wet paths surrounded by cocoa trees with their incredible fruits, all the smell that was perceived with the mixture of different plants, the sound of different animals present in those plantations, trees ancestral trees that sheltered the shade of those cacao plantations.

The strange way cocoa fruits grow. It opened the door to my passion for the wonderful and magical world of cocoa and chocolate. This changed my life, turning my passion into my new profession as a Chocolate Maker.

Ada Romero trained in Spain and the United States

This magical world of chocolate prompted me to further enrich my knowledge on the subject, which led me to study in different countries. I started in Venezuela, living very closely the whole process of the delicacy of the Gods (cocoa), then I continued to perfect my techniques at the Chocolate Academy in Spain, Lake Michigan College in the United States, Holland, the country where I currently reside. Every day I found my essence and identity through the passion for exotic flavors and the sublime aesthetic of simplicity that I wanted to reflect in my chocolates. In order to offer avant-garde products of excellent quality.

In 2015, I make my project come true. Hada’s Chocolates with the purpose of sharing my passion, promoting Venezuelan cocoa and chocolate through my creations.

Hada’s Chocolates transforms its approach to chocolate

In 2018, an internal revolution began to speak to me, I felt that it was not complete, I had the intuition that something was missing; I couldn’t play my professional role even when it seemed like everything was perfect. I began to feel very restless, until one fine day I discovered that I had to give my chocolates a twist, that it took more than a raw material of excellent quality. Something that would identify me more with my lifestyle, for something where I would find greater joy and balance. That was when I understood that I had to fly in another direction. I was not sure exactly where, but in the same way I threw myself into the void .

That leap that I started in my professional life has led me on a wonderful path of personal and spiritual expansion; which today are the fundamental pillars to create conscious chocolates , which not only allow people to feed their physical body, but also their heart. With a food loaded with intention, love energy, well-being and health.

Now all my learnings are at the service of each of my clients, where I offer them through my chocolates not only nutrition, but also fill them with knowledge, with each of the lines that I am creating to generate a change from the inside out.


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