Know yourself through the seven energy bodies

Our body has 72,000 nadis of which some are more important than others, if we manage to understand and learn how to maintain the 7 energy bodies we will achieve more health and well-being reaching balance and these sensations will help us feel more inner peace.

The chakras are wheels of energy that begin in the coccyx going up to the crown, each of them has a different color and vibration that is activated depending on whether we block ourselves or otherwise activate it too much.

The first energy body: Muladhara (Root Chakra)

Its color is red, the vibration that makes its energy wheels stay balanced is knowing the fears that block you, when we accelerate it with our negative thoughts and worries. The energies of this chakra have a lot to do with survival on earth.

When muladhara is blocked at the health level, we have poor circulation, we retain fluid, we suffer from uterine fibroids or even hemorrhoids. It could also be the case that we do not advance in life because of fear.

An easy way to know if it is blocked is to observe within yourself how your root chakra is. On the other hand, when the muladhara is accelerated it causes nervousness and stress causing an acceleration in the adrenal glands, unbalancing the other chakras.

The way to help this energy body would be to make an observation and feel how afraid you feel. If they are paralyzing fears or they are fears that you do not want to express to others and cause you more psychological stress.

How to balance this chakra:

  • Eating a good diet based on red fruits and root foods will help you to be stronger
  • Doing leg poses (yoga)
  • Walk

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Let’s not forget that the most important thing is to be in the present moment and from this present moment to observe what it is that you want and what you want to do, and how you are limiting yourself not to do it.

Second energy body: Svadhisthana (Sacral Chakra)

Its color is orange, it has the energies of the reproductive organs. Without liquid there is no birth, it is the organ of enjoyment and creativity, when we are in love it is more nurtured. When we are blocked without the desire to live, without illusion, full of concerns for our children or partners, our waters become blocked causing stagnation and diseases, hence the importance of living fluently.

The water element symbolizes the flow of life, all stagnant water causes diseases , it is the element of life because without it we would all cease to exist, hence the importance of living balanced and happy.

It can be balanced:

  • Practicing leg exercises
  • Food consumption based on orange colors, diuretic fruits such as orange, watermelon, pineapple or melon
  • Observe your relationships
  • Ask yourself if you are allowing yourself to be creative or are you allowing yourself to be submitted by other people

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Reflecting on what you can change at this moment and what you cannot change, especially what prevents you from making those changes, and how you can live without it in order to live in balance.

Third energy body: Manipura (Solar Plexus Chakra)

Its color is yellow, when it is blocked it affects the entire digestive system. When we receive bad news, it can cause diarrhea, stomach problems, or poor digestion. People who are quiet and overly reserved tend to have ulcer problems from lack of expression and communication. When you fall in love and feel butterflies or when that relationship ends, it gives you anxiety to eat or your stomach closes

The warrior of light would be defined by the battles he has according to how you live experiences, whether it manifests in this energy body since it is also governed by attachments to family members or things and the destructive or constructive ego.

To balance it, it is important:

  • Take sun baths
  • Take the fruits and vegetables that your digestive system tolerates,
  • Take relaxed walks after eating
  • Take infusions of cinnamon, chamomile, fennel or ginger and digestive infusions.

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Manipura is the bridge to open the heart chakra, it is important to understand that throughout life a series of things that affect our physical and energetic body are happening to us, to reflect on how you are at this moment in life with certain people and to do personal work to help you understand and meet you.

Everything we live is an experience where we learn with each person, also being grateful for those experiences and letting go of the situations that make us sick, caused by anger, rage, concern and non-acceptance of the facts. It is time to begin to understand that these people are teachers and that they will be in our lives to teach us to continue growing.

The fourth energy body: Anahata (Heart Chakra)

Represented by air element. Open your heart, forgive yourself and forgive and everything will heal, when you put love in doing things without expecting anyone to have to say thank you for doing them, because it comes out of your soul , it is the greatest joy you can feel, it is the highest vibration, unconditional love. Passion to do and to feel. Its color is emerald green.

It is blocked by an unrequited love, a relative leaves us, we feel betrayed. Who has not gone through some or all of these situations? When we block this chakra we close ourselves to life, when we feel (our soul cries), we do not live new experiences, our breath is short.

It can cause lung or heart problems, anxiety or depression, we feel sadness, sadness, melancholy. Our cells shut down and the immune system becomes weaker, instead When we decide to live, feel, flow, our heart pumps faster, we rejuvenate and we understand that in life we are passing through, and that we have to be happier , without becoming so attached to the facts, accepting that everything has an expiration date.

Do breathing technique with aromatherapy of mint or eucalyptus, practice gentle exercise, a good diet with green foods and above all live, experiment, forgive, forgive yourself and move forward.

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The fifth energy body: Visuddha (Throat Chakra)

Its color is blue, the vibration is your voice, what we express according to our thoughts or emotions, see what comes out of your mouth when you are angry, when you are being creative, doing what your being wants and reactions when things do not go as you want to.

It blocks when we communicate with our emotions, due to fear of speaking, low self-esteem, insecurities or when we speak too nonsense, verbalizing words that do not come out of us such as anger and rage. When that happens you feel in those moments that you begin to swallow saliva, your throat swells and a knot becomes that reaches your stomach, intestines, affecting your creativity.

When you express love towards others and towards yourself the vibration changes With respectful words, full of affection, the voice becomes more subdued, more relaxed, taking loved ones to your land, this is the energy body of communication, tell me how you speak and I will tell you what your state is at the moment.

The vibration of this energy body favors foods that contain antioxidants, acai berries, blueberries, propolis, thyme, honey and lemon. Something very peculiar like singing happy songs, being more creative, exercising, and most importantly expressing yourself in the way you would like to be spoken to.

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Observe how you talk to each person and start making changes, chen we change our vibration, the others will also begin to changeIf they do not change it, the problem belongs to the other person, not yours, reflect on how you are talking to yourself and also how you treat yourself, the words should always be positive and valuing yourself more.

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Sixth energy body: Ajna (Third Eye Chakra)

The observer of the observer, his color is indigo. It is the eye of the soul, in meditation when we close our eyes we activate the ajanata where we can see without having our eyes open, we connect with our soul, it is time to listen and feel your body.

It is blocked by confused mental states about life, understanding what we do here, that we want to live when things are not clear, we lose ourselves and cannot meditate or connect with our inner being, because we are more aware of others and we lose ourselves ourselves.

The ajanata is the meditation chakra, the one that takes us inside our being and the practice of yoga, pranayama, aromatherapy, relaxing essences, such as lavender, marjoram, incense, lavender, will help us to enter a more inner state.

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The best nutrition you can give it is peace of mind, clear your mind of things that are not leading to anything , worries, past or future things, observe what you think, why you are acting on your own, how you can solve it. Review your life and begin to gradually change the way you see things.

Seventh Energy Body: Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)

It is the one that connects us with our higher self or with divinity, it is the chakra of wisdom, its color is the violet of transmutation.

If we go through life as victims of everything we have been through and we do not begin to transmute all those wounds from the past, your life will be seen as meaningless, full of destructive emotions. If we decide to make a change, heal our wounds and stop seeing ourselves as a victim, you will see life in another color.

When we understand that in life we are passing through, that we come to experiment, learn to live, to reproduce, that everything has a time, and that what hurts us the most is what made us stronger or when you live a relationship with other people, there is always growth on both sides.

Work your inner child, pamper him, thank him for all those experiences, staying with what you have learned and not what destroys you such as hatred, anger, grief, sadness and helplessness, continue forward with more security and emotional maturity, having the Clearer ideas of what you want, your mind will be calmer, your vibration stronger and this helps to connect more strongly and with other energies.

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Balancing each of our bodies to keep them healthy is essential, food, exercise for our physical body, work on emotional states, make repairs, meditation and analysis of how you are living your day to day will help your mental body, giving it the necessary strength your energy body to be more optimistic and see life through other lenses.


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