The Light Codes

Several months ago I wanted to write this article, but I had not found the right time to do it. But today I decided to sit down with a cup of tea and a chocolate bar, open my heart and tell you not only what the light codes are, but also what they are for me right now.

A few months ago I had the opportunity to meet a woman with whom her light and wisdom captivated me. Angels Member. @angelsmembrive. In an Instagram post I was able to see a live of her where for the first time I had knowledge about the Pleiadian codes. Previously I had knowledge about sacred geometry that most people usually know, like the flower of life, platonic solids and metatron’s cubes. I felt such a connection with these codes and learned that they are part of a new geometry that is revealing itself more clearly today to help us awaken our own internal geometry.

I decided to learn and discover more about these symbols that caught my attention so much and that made my heart resonate a lot. The most curious thing is that something told me that I should integrate them into my chocolates. It was really something new for me and I didn’t know how to add this strong, yet loving and subtle energy to my beloved creations.

That’s when I wrote to Angels that I wanted to do their Pleiadian Codes workshop, but I didn’t have a space. I said to myself, it will be another time. To my surprise I receive an email that a person unsubscribed and had a quota for me. I said this is not by chance I must do this workshop. At the end of the course I was more curious and my head turned, how I am going to integrate them. I remember the words of Angels guide yourself by your heart, and that’s what I did and hands to action. My surprise was that, in a short time, in a conversation with Angels, he told me what do you think if we get a line from the codes!!… waooo what a surprise, my heart jumped and I said this is perfect. Always very sure that it was the right path and that it would be a new stage not only in my life, but also in that of Hada’s Chocolates, I started working on the creation of this magical line.


Here begins my magical world with light codes, sacred symbols. They came into my life to grow, raise my vibration and make life move faster and smoother. Find more with myself and be more aware and responsible for what I want in my life. One more tool to complement my wisdom in this evolutionary path and the awakening of my consciousness.

Learn more about the line of Chocolates Atomic Restructuring Codes

But many will wonder. What are the Light codes?

Light codes are geometric shapes that all beings emit. Within them is an encoded energy, which includes thoughts and emotions.

The codes of Light are the very language of the universe emitted from the center of the Solar Heart in pure and crystalline Love. They are pulsations emitted from the Solar Heart (the very source of existence) that arise and expand through the cosmos, traveling multidimensionally. They will be the new language of communication that you will not need words, just feel and open your heart to awaken your original DNA. That information that is asleep in you.

There are different codes of light, each one performs a specific function, it is what I have been able to understand, some are to activate, others are for healing, others are to accelerate the evolutionary process, others to eliminate limiting beliefs, others come to show us messages. Currently many people receive codes, but few manage to decode them.

I feel that the codes show or awaken the information that each person needs depending on which life process they are in. From my experience the same code can have different reactions in each person. Some people begin to clean them and then show them the process of awakening and receiving the necessary information for their elevation of consciousness.


They are a simple tool that does not require initiations, rituals, or prior preparation. Anyone willing to work with them can do so in absolute freedom. There are some codes that can easily be used on children, and benefit from their energies. But the channel will be able to tell.

These codes have an effect on who uses it and those around us. You can use light codes to bypass mind space and receive healing energy.

One of the best ways to connect with their energies is by visualizing them and meditating with them.


As a transmutation and rooting of beliefs, awakening our body of light, healing. Opportunity to have tools at hand to connect and take care of our mother earth. And many others that we will discover as we use them on ourselves.

The language of the heart is made up of shapes, feelings, colors and sounds. That is why, by opening our hearts, we will be able to receive and perceive transmissions of pure and crystalline information that will expand our consciousness beyond the limitations of the mind and the ego.

Since I started working with the Pleiadian codes, it has been incredible how codes have come to my hands in a magical way. To be able to create new lines, which I will soon have for sale. To expand the irradiation and energy that these offer us.

LUPITA CAMPOS COMES INTO MY LIFE @lupita.camposm.terapia.

A person who came into my life to continue showing me this new language of codes and my interest in this new sacred geometry. It has been an honor for me to have your support, and to put in my hands such a wonderful tool as these symbols that come with a package of information and high vibration energy.

Codes that I have been able to use to create specific lines, and bring light and wisdom to each of the people who are prepared to receive the information that these codes offer us. Supporting us in an accelerated way in our awakening and evolutionary growth. Charging us with high vibration energy, which is what we need to ascend to other planes of consciousness.

The connection with Lupita has been so beautiful that we decided to work together for the same goal. Waiting for more people to join this quantum network.

Since I connected with the Pleiadian codes, I feel that a new world of knowledge has opened up about all these symbologies that were so unknown before and that today I feel identified with.

I recently had the opportunity to do a workshop on the crop circle, based on the book by Angels Membrive and Vicente Fuentes. A wonderful experience on other types of codes. Shocking information for me. That I will start to put into practice and in another chapter I will tell you.

I feel blessed and grateful for all the people who come into my life, to bring me light and wisdom.

My commitment is to spread all that light and wisdom to other people through my quantum products. So that they find inner peace, love, joy and enjoyment in their lives. It’s what we really deserve. Being aware that each person must take responsibility for their evolution and that my products only carry information that will be useful for those who resonate with it and take action.

Ada Romero


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