Woman’s Sensitivity to Power

The act of rebellion of the awakened woman expresses the following bluntly: It is the duty of every woman to respect herself, wake up and then germinate her sensitivity, because in this way she will rebuild her vision and with it the understanding of the mission that brings, that essential task where its existential purpose is played.

Become the wonderful woman you already are

It is the duty of every woman to become a woman, starting from the premise that she is born incomplete, that woman is built from an inner work that leads her to discover herself, to stand on the edge of her authenticity, understanding that her mean pending orange will be completed growing.

He knows that an awake woman is too big for any macho man, that to endure the unbearable is to have fallen asleep, he knows that the infatuation tattoo should only be made with perishable ink, that which soon fades away. She knows that if the relationship does not work when there is still love, it is her duty to abandon ship before love sinks and hatred separates them, she knows that if she wants to see the stars, she must find someone with wings to share high flights.

Woman, you came to this world to live.

The act of rebellion of the awakened woman expresses that it is the duty of each one to preserve her sacred area, as the highest instance from which the dignity and purity of purpose is preserved.

She knows that she is not on earth for conjugal or reproductive reasons, she also knows that not all are called to live the experience as a couple, that some, conditioned by their previous lives, come to perform other tasks within a mission that must be guaranteed. its consciential evolution.

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Let go of what is holding you back and learn to flow to move forward

In his germinated sensitivity, he knows that it is unhygienic for a princess to collect toads, that optimism is not enough and a suspicious infatuation. The aforementioned act also states that everything must be decided from the sensitivity that his invisible advisers make available to him, that energy must be focused to avoid unnecessary waste.

The awakened woman does not need many things but it is necessary to have the reins of her life in her hands and grow at an unstoppable gallop, aware that she can only take revenge, loving even more, that it is not worth living in the open with her own life. Love at first sight is complemented by forgetting in the first attempt, that to marry in love is to choose with whom to suffer voluntarily, that the best way to guarantee unhappiness is to preserve conventional thinking, that it is okay to misbehave if it implies authenticity.

Sensitivity is the timely realization of existential purpose.

Power is the capacity that is acquired by cultivating coherence, taking it to the point of aligning all that we are in the same perspective. Power is the exerted possibility of lucid management of that germinated sensitivity, translated into a lifestyle that ensures the fulfillment of our existential purpose.

The act of rebellion of the awakened woman emphasizes the importance of living conscious of transience, hand in hand with evolution, embodying the mission, enjoying the entire itinerary, in the context of a mysterious eternity, broken down into fleeting incarnations. If you were born a woman, celebrate it and then your sensitivity germinates and exerts your inner power, as invisible and powerful as atomic energy. Did you know that this is your time and that now life is calling you from another place?

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